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straddle L, monarch, dragonfly in ropes, faux croc

Lots of nice shapes and surprising transitions in this sequence! I’m happy with how it all fits together, well, other than the ending ;). 

0:00 Straddle L. I set this up by placing my left arm in an Elsie cross position, with my right leg above it to place downward pressure on the hand, which allows me to take my right arm off later.

0:05 Monarch. I’ve also heard this called “la lune.” One you lay back into it, you have lots of options; here I gazelled my free leg.

0:23 Dragonfly in the ropes. I’d never seen this until I spotted it in a great sequence by Emma Collins (@emma.c.315 on Instagram) (she takes it into a cute little drop and looks so happy :D).

0:32 Faux croc. It’s really more like a front balance on the crossed ropes? And the bottom hand stabilizes the trapeze, rather than being for support. I had the ropes a bit too high up my body (too close to my head) to be at a good balance point in this vid, which is why my legs keep swimming up and down to try to shift my balance.

0:50 Awkward exit. On previous iterations I rolled belly up and hooked my right knee, then slid down into a cuddle or lion in tree. But here because I was at a balance point that made me too leg heavy, I had to crochet my right leg for stability, and that took me somewhere unexpected but still kinda cool! After that upside-down hang where the video ends, I just kinda clawed my way out, but I’m sure some better exits could be fashioned 😊

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