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standing split, ballerina

This video starts in a standing split (is there another name for this? I can’t think of it right now), then transitions into a shape that’s called ballerina in pole dance. I saw Holly Ann Jarvis on Instagram set this shape on sling (I can’t find that original post of hers—not sure it’s up anymore), and I found this way to set it on trapeze. 


I also have a video on Patreon for my Deep Dive members that goes into some tips for the standing split and details on various ways to get into the ballerina, plus how to make it spin around the ropes!


This is a short one, so not too much to say:

  • 0:00 Standing split (entrance not shown)
  • 0:03 Transition from split into ballerina
  • 0:08 Final transition into ballerina, lift-off and spin
  • 0:15 Disentangling myself from the ballerina (not an interesting exit yet!)


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