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spiral back roll, Montreal, cat’s cradle

Going back to a popular post from the past year, here’s a sweet one that I find very satisfying. Continuous twisting with minimal hand-grip changes, and finishing in a pleasing shape. 

  1. Sit, twist to the right, grab ropes overhead in mixed grip.
  2. Back roll to stand, place left toe on the bar, stand facing right hand, wrap right leg around back rope.
  3. Wrap left leg to complete leg-wrap setup for Montreal. Move left hand overhead in flamenco grip.
  4. Twist and swing right arm around and through the rope, lay back into Montreal.
  5. Grab ropes, lift legs, set ropes in between insteps and unfold into cat’s cradle foot hang. (Shhh, I made up that name for that shape, even though I didn’t make up the move! I never make up names! Does anybody have another name for it?)

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