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spin around ropes, balance on arm

Catherine Jett and I have recently been playing with possibilities based on this arm wrap (what my left arm is doing in this video), and here’s one trajectory I’ve had some success with. I’ve got a post up on Patreon for my Deep Dive members about this arm wrap and all its fascinating options and variations!

Here are the components of this sequence:

  • 0:00 Straddle invert from standing, right knee hook from the outside.
  • 0:03 Sweep left leg back and around; slide left hand down the rope toward the ground.
  • 0:07 As the rotation continues, switch the grip on the left hand (there are ways to avoid this grip switch, but that’s a Deep Dive topic ;)), then hook/candlestick the free leg on that far rope from the inside, and as that leg provides support, release the right leg toward face.
  • 0:14 Bring the free (right) leg back and down while elbowing the rope aside to get it against the neck, then release right arm to trap the rope between arm and neck.
  • 0:20 Pike the free (right) leg toward face, then release and pike the left leg as well.
  • 0:28 Hook left knee on far rope from the inside, then cross right leg over and hook foot against rope just for leverage.
  • 0:31 Reach right hand to rope above right foot, then straighten and lower legs.
  • 0:37 Bring bottom (left) leg through the ropes and up into a sort of L-sit shape. (In variations of this shape, the right hand can release, but I couldn’t access that from this entrance.)

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