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sit, wrap up in ropes, unwind, meathook

Clara LaFrance shared some cool ropes exploration she came up with while trying to play with a trapeze hip key I had posted, and then Catherine Jett and I tried to imitate Clara’s work – which didn’t seem to translate from Clara’s single-point to our weighted static-rigged bar. But in the meantime, we got to this nice shape and sequence instead — an excellent game of trapeze telephone.

0:00 Sit, lay back, hook left knee on right rope (bonus mermaid-y open out)

0:06 Both hands on left rope, hook bar in right hip crease, invert, hook right foot on rope overhead

0:10 Release hands and push hips forward

0:19 Regrab rope above face, move right foot to candlestick on far rope, wrap right arm around back/around bar, unwind

0:23 Release left hand, try to figure out what to do with so much hair

0:29 Remove right arm from bar (Don’t try this part without a spotter! You can do the whole sequence without removing this arm.)

0:37 Take bar with both hands, unravel legs and tip into meathook on left arm

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