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sit to knee beat, elbows roll forward, knee beat to hand catch

I’m excited to keeping growing this little knee beat sequence!

  • 0:00 Sit to knee beat. I find this such a sneaky and satisfying way into a knee beat.
  • 0:03 Hook elbows, roll forward. I just learned this reach through from a knee beat recently and I’m really enjoying it. You can do the forward knee roll that follows with hands on the bar, of course, although that has its own challenges because you need time to overgrip before you roll so as not to roll out of your handhold — and then you really have to drive and steer as you roll forward in order to end up where you want to (back at knees, or an inverted pike, or releasing into a hand beat, or…). I like how with the elbows I know I’m locked in to the bar and definitely staying in my knee pits. For this video I tried to keep my forward momentum going and hook my elbows without pausing, which means I was already starting to fall forward into the knee circle before my elbows were 100% hooked. It’s hard to see that in the video but eek it was scary! Happy for the foam pit! (Separately, I tried to do a full-rotation knee circle at this point in the sequence, but with the very raggedy rough tape on this bar and the bouncy rigging point, it wasn’t happening.)
  • 0:05 Knee beat to hand catch. I taught myself this skill a few years ago and it’s not as good as it was then somehow, but still so satisfying! Looking forward to (but also scared to) take it up higher so I can do a full hand beat out of it.

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