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pullover, back balance, hip hang, compass, off the back, back planche

Wow, past Megan – this sequence starts so unassuming and becomes impressively burly! (Well, burly for present Megan…)

  • 0:00 Pullover to back balance. I’m on a low trapeze where I can reach high up the ropes while still standing, so this isn’t too hard. (It can also be done—not by me!—with hands on bar, from a powerful beat.)
  • 0:06 Back balance to single hip hang. I’m C-shaping a little, but also I reach across with my far foot to catch the rope as soon as possible to keep me safe from tipping too far toward my head; then I feel comfortable tipping my torso back and letting my lower leg pike to guide the bar into my hip crease.
  • 0:11 Compass. Yup grabbing the ankles again. I find myself in single hip hang a lot so I guess it’s good to have a shape to make there.
  • 0:22 Roll up to unnamed shape. This is my favorite part of the sequence. First I slide my right foot back up the rope where it as before and grab the bar behind me with my left hand. Because the hand I’m rolling toward is on the bar, not the rope, I’m not able to roll all the way up to an armbreaker or straddle back balance or the like. But I use a similar motion to rotate my body toward a back balance position. Then I wrap my right elbow around the rope, because the shape is too head-heavy to let go completely. Now I can release my left hand to enjoy the diagonal archy shape.
  • 0:31 Transition to front balance. Basically I reverse those steps and roll back the way I came, this time to a double hip hang instead of single, and roll up to front balance.
  • 0:41 Off the back, tuck under the bar. So simple, but this is a move I can only do smoothly when I’m well conditioned.
  • 0:45 Back planche in stag. Huh! I make it look so easy! (Although we can only assume I plopped right out of it, given how the video cuts off 😉)

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