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pullover, angel around, catcher’s roll-up, back hip circle, dragonfly, compass, Russian roll, meathook

WOW, there’s a lot going on in this sequence, all in under 50 seconds! I feel like I don’t make sequences this packed and ambitious anymore. Here’s the rundown:
1. 00:00 – Pullover to angel: I start with a mixed grip, right hand on the bar and left hand on the rope, and then hook my knee above my left (rope) hand for this pullover.
2. 00:04 – Angel around: Hook the free foot on the rope, bend the knees, lift the hips, and reach around behind you for the bar. Then I rearrange my legs, pausing in this hip hang with asymmetrical legs before settling into a regular catcher’s lock
3. 00:10 – Catcher’s lock roll-up: A big catcher’s lock beat allows me to reach nice and high on the ropes immediately, so I don’t have to climb my hands higher to complete the roll-up.
4. 00:18 – Back hip circle: With straight legs to make it a bit unusual!
5. 00:21 – Flip to amazon: It’s nice to do this straight out of a back hip circle, but I needed an extra tempo before I was ready in this video.
6. 00:24 – Tip to one-hip hang: Regrab the rope, tip toward that rope, lift a leg up to post the foot against it, then slide that top leg down
7. 00:27 – Grab feet for compass: Flexing your feet looks cute AND means you don’t have to be as flexible to be able to reach them
8. 00:32 – Hook elbow, slide to knee: In this case I hook my right elbow and slide to my right knee.
9. 00:35 – Mixed-grip one-leg Russian roll: One of my favorite transitions. Left hand grabs rope that’s in front of my face, right hand reaches across to far rope. On the roll, my right elbow has to clear the trapeze elbow and then rotate into my waist.
10. 00:42 – Horse off the front to meathook: This transition is hard and I think it looks so cool. Starts in horse. Same hand as back leg grabs the bar, palm forward. Same hand as front leg reaches across body to grab rope around face height. Lift/pull up, lift legs, do a half turn (did I say hard and cool?), lower hips and shoulders, bring top leg around to join bottom leg as rope hand slides down and off to complete the meathook!

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