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My current handbalancing act

Yesterday I had the pleasure of performing my handbalance act, “The Way Things Are,” in Portland, OR, as part of Jack StockLynn’s Sir Cupcake’s Queer Circus Goes Back in Time. This act combines graceful, fluid, and inventive handstand movement with a contemporary ballet sensibility, while telling a story of heartache and indecision. Here’s a video from my debut performance of the act at Topsy Turvy in San Francisco last summer. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to perform it at NECCA’s Circus Spectacular, in Tangle’s Tell It Slant, and in a modified form in our ensemble circus show Tinder & Ash, plus in Portland this weekend. Every time I bring it to the stage, I feel more connected to the music, the story, and my love and joy in being upside down on my hands.

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