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knee hang to ankles (plus playful extraneous movement)

I tried to push myself to be playful with my musicality, dynamic timing, and the shapes of extraneous movement here (though I seem to remember this video not being that popular on Instagram at the time, which is so discouraging even though I wish I didn’t care). It’s fun to watch and I love the surprise drop from knees to ankles. That’s always been a favorite move of mine, one I feel very confident with and don’t see too often. You can skip ahead to just the drop at 0:27. When I grab the bar with one hand after the ankle hang around 0:32, I want to see myself switch from ankles to a wide heel hang there! That can be done without a hand on the bar at all (in theory) but I think even self-spotting it would look really cool there. A project to explore down the road!

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