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knee beat to knee circle, knee beat to roll fwd to heels, knee beat to hand catch

Three little knee-beat moves I’m enjoying foam-pit access to work on. It’s sooo hard for me to progress tricks from over the pit to over lesser mats, so for now I think I want to focus on putting these into a sequence and not worry about ever doing them without the pit.

  1. Knee beat, reach through the ropes, then slip the hands behind the bar to roll forward on knees and elbows. (In the more recent video I smoothed this transition out even more, with less hesitation at the top, although, scary!)
  2. Knee beat, reach through the ropes, grab bar and roll forward to place heels at the bar for heel hang. (This’ll take some work to be able to aim my heels directly for the bar and release my hands sooner with faith in my heel hang.)
  3. Knee beat to hand catch. This is feeling pretty good but haven’t really done it any higher yet! Also I hate the moment where my feet look floppy as they come off the bar, but I realized that actually they are somehow smartly sickling in order to avoid snagging on the trapeze ropes, and they straighten themselves out pretty quickly once they’re clear, so maybe that’s just the way it’s going to go.

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