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horse roll, angel, single knee, Russian roll, coffin

This is a sweet and simple one, for which I maintained a smooth and controlled pacing by moving to some slow, pretty music in my head. (Someday I’ll be organized enough to play music from one device while filming from another…) 

  • Horse roll; often this is taught as a fast move, but you can really take your time.
  • Grab the bar (same hand as front leg, thumb in toward your body), shift off the front of the trapeze while making a turn toward the rope, and as the formerly back leg catches the rope, slide the rope hand down and off, taking you into an angel belly up; thread the free leg through to belly-down angel.
  • Set the free leg onto the bar for a single knee hang and remove the angel leg and the hand from the bar.
  • Single knee hang; ronde de jambe the free leg from second position to arabesque (aka move the free leg from side to back 😉).
  • Russian roll: hook the free leg onto the supporting leg, pressing that knee into the bar, and sit up to reach under the bar and grab the ropes, then roll up.
  • Coffin; not much to stay about this other than ow. Also lift your hips up to create a straight body line but don’t go past straight, which for some reason always feels tempting.

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