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Handstands workshops at NECCA this weekend

Along with performing Tinder & Ash this weekend at NECCA, I’m offering three different handstands workshops as part of Circus Workshop Weekend:

Friday, April 17
1:30pm – 3:30pm Intro to Inversions:
Learn how to take your upside-down self to a world of control! We’ll go over the why and the how of handbalancing basics and give you the tools to get upside down and then right side up safely and smoothly.

4:00pm – 6:00pm Handstand Boot Camp
Build a stronger, more stable handstand with an array of drills and conditioning to take your training to the next level, develop a press handstand, and stay on your hands longer and longer. Come prepared to push hard and have fun, and leave with sample training plans so you can keep progressing on your own. Modifications will be made to challenge all levels of experience.

Sat, April 18
10:00am – 12:00pm Creative Handbalancing
We’ll explore a variety of ways to get into a handstand (pressing, kicking, pushing, jumping, and creative combinations of these) and out of a handstand (rolling, pressing, dropping, etc.), to shake up your handstand practice and give you tools to integrate handstands into ground choreography.

While we’ve been in town rigging, teching, and brushing up Tinder & Ash, I’ve also been teaching private lessons to NECCA’s pro program students every day for the past week. It’s so wonderful to be back here in this warm, supportive community and to see how hard everybody’s been working since I last coached here in the fall.

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