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forward roll x2, apple roll, single heel hang

The double forward roll! I forgot all about this, such a good trapeze-geeky thing. Also wow single heel hang. A rare and fleeting bird in my vocabulary.

  • 0:00 “Mighty mouse” forward roll. Usually that term refers to a forward roll from standing to sitting in which you start with your elbows in front of the bar, thumbs up, and hands around waist height. Here I start with my hands as high as possible and slide them up even more as I fold forward so that I can take this roll back to standing.
  • 0:06 “Chicken wing” forward roll. The first roll has automatically set up my hands for this other standard forward roll type, where the elbows are behind the bar at the waist, hands out like little chicken wings.
  • 0:12 Apple roll. I learned that name from Niff Nichols in Philly but haven’t heard any other names for it. Usually it stays in knees, and taking it to heels with precision is pretty tricky. Ouch.
  • 0:14 Heel hang
  • 0:17 Single heel hang. Wowww. Wrapping my arms around my legs like this is essential but even so, I’ve never gotten this move performable.

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