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cuddle, stretch, hip hang, dragonfly, cuddle, hip key

Such a nice gooey wind-in-the-hair autumn sequence.

0:00 Side cuddle (I have no idea what else to call this), stretttcchhhing out and rotating belly toward the ground

0:06 All stretched out (no name for this either)

0:11 Hook top knee on the rope, drop the other leg toward the ground, release upper body to single hip hang

0:23: With free leg up against rope and opposite hand reaching to the far rope, roll to dragonfly

0:28 Beat to cuddle

0:35 Feet on rope

0:39 Set up for hip key: to eliminate regrips later, right hand is flamenco and left hand is reverse grip overhead. Then I duck my head back through my arms and behind the rope (at which point I just have two regular grips). Top leg comes off the rope

0:43 Step that top leg forward, up and over the rope and roll up to hip key in the ropes (the move of summer 2020 for me)

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