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pigeon, alligator, lion roll, elbow circles

This starts with an old familiar sequence (well, very familiar to me anyway, because it’s been in more than one act of mine), but it’s fun to see the formalistic playfulness with tempo and pacing. And then, I forgot that the unwind into amazon could push back so nicely into a setup for a lion roll (that transition was in the last video I posted, too), and I also forgot how easily I used to transition from lion rolls to elbow circles—though I guess that transition was in an act also, which gave me the opportunity to get familiar with it.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 0:00 Pullover to pigeon: Ah yes, my favorite trapeze mount.
  • 0:07 Alligator: I’ve really gotten so much good mileage from this move, both in choreography, as a photograph of myself, and as a favorite and relatively accessible sequence to teach.
  • 0:31 Unwind from alligator: Usually goes to amazon but instead…
  • 0:40 Lay back to gazelle: Well, more of a back balance with a same-side knee hook. You get the idea.
  • 0:42 Lion roll: Does anybody still do these on trapeze?
  • 0:46 Elbow circles: The lion roll makes for a shaky beginning but my second one is looking better. I like this surprising transition!

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