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Megan on trapeze with ensemble

Recent trapeze performance in Tangle’s show RetroAct!

(A Story of Injury and Victory, Told with the Help of My Instagram Training Journal)

Megan on trapeze

Photo by Michael Ermilio

“Etude of Left Hand” by Megan Gendell amazes with delicate balances and intense techniques managed without using her left hand. –phindie

It Began…

Megan Gendell armpits on trapeze by Michael Ermilio

Photo by Michael Ermilio

Last month marked my third year joining inspiring Philly circus company Tangle in their spring show; this time, I performed a solo static trapeze piece in RetroAct. I was in a short arm cast for the month of March (no broken bones; its purpose was to heal instability in my right wrist — the reviewer quoted above accidentally listed it as the left wrist), but this limitation may have inspired me more than any particular ability has in the past. The creation and rehearsal process excited and exhilarated me as I trained hands-free skills I’d never considered before and learned to navigate transitions one-handed.
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Tinder & Ash in Brattleboro, VT, April 18

Tinder & Ash, photo by Alexis VingeaultThis past fall and winter, I cocreated a full-length ensemble circus-theater show with 4 friends, Tinder & Ash, during 4 months in Montreal through a residency from the circus-mecca TOHU. We performed a work-in-progress showing at the end of our residency at ENC in January, and now we’re ready to debut it in the states! Get tickets here, and visit our Facebook event page for more photos and info.
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