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Upcoming teaching and performances

by Michael Ermilio

Shows and teaching 2017/2018

I got out of the habit of updating this blog for upcoming events, so now it looks like I haven't done anything since 2016. Not true! So, how much can I remember and sum up in one post? Here's what I've been up to, in order from most recent to most distant: Teaching: Trapeze andRead More »Shows and teaching 2017/2018
Megan on trapeze with ensemble

Recent trapeze performance in Tangle’s show RetroAct!

(A Story of Injury and Victory, Told with the Help of My Instagram Training Journal)

Megan on trapeze

Photo by Michael Ermilio

“Etude of Left Hand” by Megan Gendell amazes with delicate balances and intense techniques managed without using her left hand. –phindie

It Began…

Megan Gendell armpits on trapeze by Michael Ermilio

Photo by Michael Ermilio

Last month marked my third year joining inspiring Philly circus company Tangle in their spring show; this time, I performed a solo static trapeze piece in RetroAct. I was in a short arm cast for the month of March (no broken bones; its purpose was to heal instability in my right wrist — the reviewer quoted above accidentally listed it as the left wrist), but this limitation may have inspired me more than any particular ability has in the past. The creation and rehearsal process excited and exhilarated me as I trained hands-free skills I’d never considered before and learned to navigate transitions one-handed.
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Teaching at NECCA April 15-17

I’ll take almost any excuse to make a trip to Brattleboro, VT, so I’m delighted to be teaching workshops and private lessons at another edition of NECCA’s Circus Workshop Weekend, April 15-17. My workshop offerings are listed and linked to below; email Elsie Smith to book a private lesson with me (static trapeze, duo trapeze, handstands/handbalancing, or act development!).

This workshop weekend also includes a performance of Love and Gravity by the Acrobatic Conundrum. So many great events in one small town!

Saturday, April 16

airport handbalancing9am-noon: Handbalancing 301: Creative Entrances and Exits

We’ll explore a wide variety of ways to get into a handstand (such as pressing, kicking, pushing, jumping, and creative combinations of these) and out of a handstand (including kinds of rolling, pressing, dropping, etc.), to shake up your handstand practice as well as to give you tools to integrate handstands into ground choreography. Register here!

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Teaching at NECCA’s Fall Circus Workshop Weekend, Nov 5-8

Handbalancing at a fund-raiser for NECCA earlier this month (photo by Jeff Lewis)

Handbalancing at a fund-raiser for NECCA earlier this month (photo by Jeff Lewis)

Lauren and I had an amazing time teaching duo trapeze, solo trapeze, and handstands workshops and giving feedback to brave, inspiring performers at the Southern Fried Circus Fest in Dallas, Texas, earlier this month. Next up, a trip back to Vermont to teach some workshops at my favorite stomping grounds, NECCA! There are so many enticing events on the calendar for their upcoming Circus Workshop Weekend, November 5-8. Lauren and I are both excited to be on the schedule instructing some of our old favorite workshops as well as new offerings, like Everything We Wish We Knew Before Creating An Ensemble Circus Show. And we’re both available to teach private lessons Friday through Sunday. Contact Elsie to schedule private lessons — act creation and development with Lauren, and any kind of trapeze or handbalancing with me.

Here’s a list of the workshops we’re offering at NECCA. Click on the links below for full descriptions and to sign up!

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Fall Classes at PSCA

After a year of traveling, living abroad, and teaching workshops and private lessons, I’m really exciting to return to teaching regular session classes! This fall I’m teaching six classes a week (two each on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings) at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts, starting in just a few days. Trapeze, handstands, stretching, acrobatics: basically my favorite things.

Take a look at my schedule after the jump. You can drop in on any class as long as you register 48 hours in advance; go to to sign up!

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Workshops at Canopy in Athens, GA, September 19 and 20

Megan Gendell's September Workshops at CanopyI fell in love with Canopy in Athens, Georgia when I first visited at the start of 2015, so I’m delighted to be returning there September 19 and 20 to offer workshops and private lessons! Here are the offerings; email to register for a workshop or to book a private lesson with me (static trapeze, duo trapeze, handstands/handbalancing, flexibility, partner acrobatics, tumbling, or act development!).

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