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beat to meathook, zipper pop, twisty beat

Here’s a little dynamic trapeze sequence I was researching at NECCA back in the day. I’ve always loved a beat to meathook — I find it both graceful and surprising. The zipper pop straight into the blood-to-blood twisty beat is a bit scary for me, especially doing it at beat height, and you can see I’m not doing the best twisty beat ever out of it, but I really like this phrase nevertheless. Here’s the basic sequence:

  • archy beat
  • hand switch (bringing hands together in center of bar)
  • beat to meathook
  • move top leg to other side of arm and twist around to inverted one-arm pike
  • grab bar with free hand to create a “zipper”
  • zipper pop to blood-to-blood grip
  • twisty beat into inverted straddle


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